Homeowner’s Insurance in Florida. What You Need To Know

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner's Insurance, Florida

Known for its pristine beaches, its tropical climate and tourist attractions, Florida is a wonderful place to call home. A place of residence for a melting pot of cultures, Florida has it all: a bristling night life, paradisiac vacation spots, international business hubs, gorgeous parks and so much more.

Over 89.8 million tourists traveled to Florida, a staggering number given that just 21 million people actually live in the sunshine state.

Florida Homeowner's Insurance

In a state where mother nature can sometimes pummel properties with strong and sometime destructive storms, a house unprotected by an adequate homeowner's insurance policy is a recipe for disaster. This kind of insurance is not just one that gives owners peace of mind. It can also be a life saver by helpin pay to repair and or rebuild a home.

As wonderful as life is is for Florida residents, savvy home owners are fully aware of the importance of homeowner's insurance and rely on the expert advice and premium service of Florida's preferred insurance agency:  L & C Insurance Providers.

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Whether you are in the market for a new Florida homeowner's insurance policy or you would like a professional to review an existing policy, Liz Fernandez and her team, at L & C Insurance Providers will be only too happy to help.

L & C Insurance Providers in Florida shops all the major carriers to find the best policy and the best rate. Easy, Low-Cost and Worry Free.

That's the L & C Insurance Providers Insurance promise.

Find out how you can too can protect your home

A homeowners insurance policy is the best way to protect and safeguard your home

What does a standard Homeowner's Insurance Policy include?

  • Personal Property
  • Personal Liability ( in case of a claim about an injury or property damage to a third party)
  • Loss of Use/Extra living Expenses (if your home is unhabitable following a covered loss)
  • Dwelling
  • Other Structures (Detached garage, shed...)

What happens if you own a condominium? Normally the condominium association covers any damage to the exterior of the property including roof, walls and the common areas.  The Important thing to understand is that is where the coverage stops.  The interior finish of your unit is only protected when you purchase an H06 Condo insurance policy. 

The H06 Condo Insurance policy covers any damage to your walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchen.  It also provides coverage to your personal property items, like furniture, clothing, Electronics and appliances.   If we need this items to be covered it is imperative that we buy an H06 Condo Insurance policy.

What about wind or windstorm insurance?

A professionally drawn insurance policy will usually ensure that both wind and windstorm coverage are included in the homeowner's insurance.

Given that Florida is susceptible to hurricane force winds and or tropical storm on a regular basis, it is important to consider protecting your home with wind breakers, tropical resistant shutters etc...

Older homes, build before the onslaught of hurricane Andrew in 1992 are more vulnerable to wind damage than modern, post Andrew's new building code homes.

If you own such a home, in addition to the recommended shutters, it might be a good idea to replace the windows with impact glasses, change old doors etc...

Upgrading your home is such a way is an investment that may cost you an initial outlay. But if you consider the savings in premium per year, it is usually accepted that a couple of years are all it takes to recoup any initial investment.

What about Flood Insurance

If you live in Florida, you probably already know if your home is located in a flood zone. Insuring that you are covered for flood insurance is certainly a question you should ask Liz. A flood policy is not normally covered under the homeowner's insurance or content policy.

A great number of claims are made due to flood damages

What if you don't live in a flood zone? There are several types of flooding. The first one is the result of a tropical storm of a hurricane that produces a tidal surge.  Another type is caused by water having nowhere to go during heavy and rapid rainfall. This produces a water bottle neck which may spread to homes nearby.

What about costs?

When it comes to annual premiums for homeowners insurance, Florida ranks as one of the more expensive states in the country. But premiums vary from location to location and even from one policy to another.  The determining factors in estimating the cost of homeowners insurance for your own home depend on the size of your home, your assets and of course your address.

Florida Homeowners Insurance Cost Comparison
(You can sort both the cities and costs columns in the order of your choice)

Cities Cost
Jacksonville $775
Miami $1.950
Tampa $803
St. Petersburg $824
Orlando $641
Hialeah $1.875
Tallahassee $749
Fort Lauderdale $1.749
Port St. Lucie $1.157
Pembroke Pines $1.743
Cape Coral $791
Hollywood $1.937
Gainesville $624
Miramar $1.605
Coral Springs $1.698
Clearwater $1.213
Miami Gardens $1.730
Palm Bay $739
West Palm Beach $1.489
Pompano Beach $1.509
Lakeland $1.114
Davie town $1.698
Miami Beach $1.975
Deltona $739
Plantation $1.650
Sunrise $1.932
Boca Raton $1.917
Largo $1.009
Melbourne $1.015
Palm Coast $632
Deerfield Beach $1.703
Boynton Beach $1.624
Lauderhill $1.586
Weston $1.502
Fort Myers $809

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