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Auto Insurance

In the event of an accident, an auto insurance policy provides protection against monetary losses due to a car crash, as well as damages from a natural disaster or vandalism. Florida Drivers are required to have auto insurance.

Homeowner's Insurance

Home Owner's Insurance Florida

Our agents can easily explain the circumstances specific to Florida homeowners, along with mortgage requirements and the difference between dwelling, personal property, liability, medical payment and more...

Commercial Insurance

Our Commercial Auto or Truck Insurance can guard your business. Invest into the right insurance policy. If you are using your own car for small tasks or your own a fleet of vehicles, we have the options to conform to your long term business goals.

Boat Insurance

A subtropical climate with almost 1,200 miles of coastline creates the ideal conditions for boat owners Florida. Boat Insurance will literally wash away your worries so you can relax and have safe fun on the water.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Our Motorcycle Insurance will make sure the good times keep on rolling. Motorcycle riders have the benefit of getting to and from work efficiently whilst experiencing journeys through charming small towns, scenic back roads and beautiful sunsets along the Florida coast.

Customers Reviews

Liz helped me to save a lot of money on my yearly car insurance. I had been with my company for 26 years but changed because of the great work Liz did.
Betsy Helterbran Lester
Great agency and service. I would recommend their services to everyone
Jessica Rodriguez
Always ready, able & willing to satisfy their customers.
Jennifer Ortiz
Great agency and staff! Always helpful and willing to go the extra mile.
Yura Casanova



Name: Liz Fernandez
Title: President-Agent
Likes: Running, weight training and the beach.
Best Part of my Job: It's varied, it's fast paced and customer centric.
Licensure: 2-20 General Lines Insurance Agent.


Name: Conrad Fernandez
Title: President-Agent.
Likes: Football, Basketball and the Outdoors.
Best Part of my Job: Working with a great team and company that has high ethical and moral standards.
Licensure: 2-20 General Lines Insurance Agent.


Name: Jessica Rodriguez
Title: Senior Sales Leader.
Likes: Traveling to different places, good music and Food.
Best Part of my Job: I love Building relationships with customers and Knowing we can protect their future.
Licensure: 4-40 Customer Service Rep.


Name: Adriana Avila
Title: Senior Sales Leader.
Likes: Dancing, shopping and dining out.
Best Part of my Job: Autonomy, ability to express creativity and ideas.
Licensure: 4-40 Customer Service Rep.


Name: Grace Serquera
Title: Senior Sales Leader
Likes: Reading and spending lots of time with friends and family.
Best Part of my Job: Reading and spending lots of time with friends and family.
Licensure: 4-40 Customer Service Rep.

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